Meteor meetup near / in Amsterdam


I’m working for Passionate People - A collective of passionate frontend developers that consult and build stuff for clients. One of our persuits is organizing events and meetups that bring frontenders together and help them solve issues they face.

We’ve organized a lot of Vue meetups and conferences in Europe already and are now looking into what we can do to share Meteor knowledge in Amsterdam aswell!

We are very aware that Meteor is one of the most powerfull tools that a frontender could have (if not the most powerfull). I talk from experience :joy:

Is anyone interested in attending this meetup in or around Amsterdam? If yes, in what form would you want it and what should we discuss? What speakers maybe? Let me know!


I am interested, and wouldn’t mind giving a talk, but since this would be more frontend centric, not sure about the value I can bring…


What would it be about?


I think I can craft something, I always said if you are a designer, and don’t care at all about backend, or you care just a little to do some Emails or handle a payment, Meteor is the way to go. I could go towards the direction: “Meteor for Designers”