Meteor Meetups for June 2021

For June we have one meetup, this time from the other side of the world then so far.

In June 16th Meteor Korea will hold their first meeting with a presentation from Mike King about Property conveyancing workflow

How we built a configurable, data driven workflow engine with Meteor for a startup to model legal processes. We used BPMN diagrams for design work, and Dagre D3 layout to provide visualisation of the processes, and a workflow editor to allow us to modify the workflow without the need to deploy code. We also used Cypress for automated testing, which saves us countless hours of regression testing.

As always followed by a social. We have a new structure so that you can see the full schedule of the meetup in one central place:

Also stay tuned for one more meetup which will be a Meteor 2.3 release party. This is to celebrate this important release and also to coordinate releases for packages that will need to be updated due to major version releases. For more info see the beta announcement.