Meteor Meetups in Chile - Free 3 months full Course


Hi guys, I introduce myself, I’m new here, in meteor actually. With some friends we have developed a couple of applications and have decided to focus on developing in meteor. We have noticed that in Chile, Meteor is not very popular. Recently, I went to give a speech to a couple of universities and I was impressed when I realized that students of last year had not heard of meteor, others not even knew what was node js. We were in a shamefull scenario when we realize that even some teachears didn’t knew of meteor. It is understood, because it’s relatively new and all technology has its time of maturity in terms of overcrowding. We feel we have found an ecosystem so useful that we decided to do a 3-month course 100% free for about 20-30 students who are interested in learning about meteor. we’ve got a big space with a friend who has Coworking offices and I developed a program of 18 lessons covering basic and advanced aspects of meteor which I think is pretty good for starters. The thing is we were thinking about how to make it more official, I mean, to use the name of meteor without problems, and get some help, feedback, etc.

Our goal is to expand meteor in our environment, to find people to work with. We read a guide of meteor captains and here we are.

The idea is that this course could be like a sort of meetup. After these three months to establish a group of stakeholders who continue to attend these meetups, and that we can open a community here in Chile of developers who want to share their experiences, schedule with us, help each other, etc. If someone in Chile read this post and wants to participate in one or another way, it would be great.

The course is 100% non-profit, but at the end of three months we would like to know if any expert on meteor could come visit us in Chile, to make of speaker in the last class, we have built a small ammount of money from a department of innovation in the goverment, to pay for the tickets, the stay, and somes expenses. in addition to make T-shirts, stickers and merchs, however, the department require us to whoever comes should be someone with proven knowledge, known in the community, with constant meteor participation and knowledge to give a good talk. The big question, is there someone with these characteristics willing to come to Chile? (second week november)

I would like to make it clear that even if it costs to believe it xD, we do not want to make money with this course. We want to generate experience, for us and for those who participate, form a group of people to participate in regular meteor meetups, etc, experiences.

I hope that our idea has a good reception, and we could get someone to come and teach us more about meteor and his life experience. if someone have feedback is really appreciated. I think we are starting the course 19 august.
Cheers and have a good week =D

pd: sorry about my english, iam currently learning out of movies xD


Hey! Was this the guide I wrote on Github? I think I saw your pull request :smile:

Awesome that you’re putting together this meetup and course. You should get in touch with @aliceyu and @nickcoe at MDG if you haven’t already.

This is an important question:

The big question, is there someone with these characteristics willing to come to Chile? (second week november)


It’s a really important question, if i couldn’t get someone to visit us, the goverment probably won’t give us the resources. The money is actually for that, however, i will do this on my own because at least the venue and participants are already comfirmed and i’am a motivated person xD.

Aside of the meteor course/meetup we want to improve the enterprenour ecosystems of cities more disadvantaged than Santiago. We are introducing, developing, y maturing to the young entrepreneur persons, generating instances were they can learn and improve themselves (this was our first instance, about 2 months ago

Note: Concepcion is about 500 kms from Santiago and in Chile Santiago is more than a capital, it’s the center of everything, we are a 16 million peoples country and almost 7 million live in Santiago, so, the regions more distant are very unnatended, Concepcion is a university state, the human capital is very big but much people decide to move to Santiago after they finish their studies, that’s why we want to develop several programs, in Concepcion, in order to motivate people, to innovate and to be a center of technological and progress, entrepreneurship, and cientific growth

We hope someone could help us with this matter. It would be a enriching experience, tha’s what we are looking for afeter all.