Meteor Memory Consumption is too high due to DDP


I am developing a meteor based chat application and consuming ddp service from the native ios/android app. Its working fine. but server is consuming to much memory, so it looses connection.

please help me, how i can reduce server’s memory consumption.

Meteor Version - 1.2.1v and MongoDB

I have found related merge-box and mongo oplog.

You do give very few details. This might get you where you want, and even further: Meteor Scaling - Redis Oplog [Status: Prod ready]

P.S. I would suggest you don’t mention members of MDG unnecessarily. There are plenty other knowledgeable people on these forums who can answer technical questions.

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Ok, but i am using MongoDB.

And if you read through, you will find out that this is meant to work in tandem with MongoDB. Redis acts as a cache for it.