Meteor Mentor anyone?

Hi folks,

I am relatively new to Meteor and I already started building small apps. Occasionally I get stuck or I need advise on architecture, etc. and Google isn’t always helping. I am still trying to get my bearings so I really need a mentor to get me up to speed and point me at the right direction. I am not expecting a free mentor but I wouldn’t mind certainly :wink: I can’t spend too much either. FYI my timezone is GMT+2 if anyone is interested. We could alternatively barter as I can mentor anything related to running a business and accounting.

Drop me a line here please or via PM.


We’ve built up a live video-chat community for such cases: There are already some Meteorists there, including myself. The app is completely free-of-charge, but we will allow our “Gurus” to earn money via PayPal links soon, if they want to. Guzz is based on MeteorJS, by the way. If you want to try it out, you’re very welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

If it fits in your budget, we offer mentorship services here: