Meteor .meteor/local/bundler-cache/linker folder is 709MB

For some reason, my .meteor/local/bundler-cache/linker folder is 700+MB of .cache files. These files seem to continually grow over time. If I meteor reset and start over, my project goes from 100MB to 300MB immediately when I run meteor the first time.

Any thoughts on how figure out what is going wrong? How can I find out what is writing to bundler_cache folder? Does anyone know normal behavior for those files?

webapp|master ⇒ du -sh .meteor/local/bundler-cache/linker
709M    .meteor/local/bundler-cache/linker

linker|master ⇒ du 4e66b88173386163ea6cd7a6ee945a12f3ab5920.cache
208 4e66b88173386163ea6cd7a6ee945a12f3ab5920.cache

bundler-cache|master ⇒ find linker -type f | wc -l

Only ~700 MB’s? Consider yourself lucky - I’m usually around 1.5 gigs. There isn’t anything wrong here however, this is normal Meteor behaviour. Meteor uses a build system called Isobuild, which ultimately uses the bundler-cache directory for its cache files. If you want the nitty gritty details about what’s writing to it and why, take a look at

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Ah, thank you for the info! I didn’t know that.

I was hoping I finally figured out why my Meteor project was so slow when
developing locally. Takes 12-15 seconds for Meteor to reload.

It’s a fairly large project, but still shouldn’t take that long right. Any
thoughts on where to look? It really slows down dev time (I have a '14 air
4gb mem 128gb hd with plenty of open space).

I realize that thats not enough info for anything definitive, but would
appreciate any points in the right direction.

Unfortunately, those build times are pretty normal. See: How long are your reload times?

That’s one of the many reasons why so many people are turning to webpack: Meteor + Webpack: ES6 modules, hot-code-patching, fixes load order & more

The good news is MDG is working on it: Why is the Meteor.install(1.3) api better than webpack in meteor?

It will get better - in the meantime take a long sip of coffee after every save …

Heh yes I have definitely been drinking more coffee lately, that must be
the reason.

Thank you so much for the info! I need to stay more up to date. Much

Just found out that my bundler-cache is 15.5 GB. no idea how or why, the project is not that big. Should I be worried ? Can I just delete it ?

Wow, that seems a bit excessive. I’m sure it’s okay, but you might want to clear things out. I guess the only reason to be worried would be if you’re always low on disk space like I am (I just keep deleting family photos to make room for cache files … goes over really well with my wife …).

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