Meteor + Meteoric App Store Deployment

Hi there,

my app is developed in Meteor + Meteoric. In development mode everything works fine with the well documented workaround of Meteoric being to uncomment the scss imports on first time compilation.
The problem is that when I deploy to TestFlight to try it out, it doesn’t render the ionic components.
It looks the same as when the imports are commented out in dev mode, meaning just plain HTML without formatting.
My only explanation (since the problem does not occur in Google Play Store) is that Apple somehow recompiles the scss components or even the whole cordova app, idunno.

Does anyone know how to fix this, since I am not into scss precompiler and don’t know how to proceed from here. Was quite some work to develop the app and would be disappointing if it would not go somehow.

I also tried to just location.reload() and strangely sometimes then it goes, sometimes it doesn’t.

Any idea?