Meteor method called on 2 servers (via DDP) only returns updates to one server

I’ve got a meteor app that outsources part of a method’s “work” to another Meteor instance, via

Client => Server 1 handle meteor call => to server 2
=> server 2 returns successfully to server 1 => server 1 returns successfully to client

Both instances use the same database.

While both Meteor instances handle the call successfully, the client subscriptions only update with the changes on server 1 (where the publications are), but not on server 2…
Given the spec

I think the issue is that the DDP update message from server 2 is not getting “passed through” to the client, via server 1.
Any ideas on how this could be done ?

For the moment, on the client, I make a, and then nothing happens until server 1 detects a MongoDB update directly.

If I use a client stub for the Method, the correct update happens immediately, then it jumps back to the previous state, and then jumps back again to the correct state a bit later.