Meteor Method Redux Middleware

I wrote a little method middleware for Redux + Meteor.

This is so your state from meteor methods can have loading, success, error.

Let me know what you think, and maybe we can make it a module…


This would be a great way of using and inspecting all of the different parts of the method lifecycle:

Right now through the callback mechanism it’s a bit hard to get it all in order.

Great stuff. The amount of Meteor + Redux related material is starting to grow quickly, so this post inspired me to start a Redux article on Meteorpedia to track it all. I’ve added a link to this gist and I hope the community will help keep the page up-to-date.

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yeah im writing the anatomy of a method right now. and this came out of it. Blog driven Development?

I paired this with a generic fetching reducer. I think the use case for this middleware is if you need something from the server that cannot be optimistic. I should make one for optimistic updates