Meteor method - what gets called from the client and what doesn't

When a method is run on the server and on the client (as a sub) what can be called from the client, what can be called but will be updated according to the server response and what won’t be called from the client? So far I got:

  • won’t be called from the client: It’s only triggered from the server method but not from the sub.
  • will be called and updated according to server response: minimongo stuff
    • However it’s not cristal clear if minimongo changes wrapped in a another function triggered by the client sub, or in timeout are subjects to this rule
  • will be called with no restriction: everything else (UI changes, http requests…) even if I guess good practice should avoid doing thing directly from within the method

I have not found documentation on this (excuse me if there is) so it’d be nice to get a reliable answer to this, and if other think it’s important and there is indeed no documentation, it’d be nice to add some (I’m aware of


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