Meteor mirror with ChimpJS — can I change the build directory?

I’m using a custom script to start Chimp, namely one that starts a separate Meteor instance on port 3100 so that I can non-destructively test things from scratch.

This works mostly well, but I notice that they share the .meteor/local/build directory, and that makes things awkward when adding/removing packages and occasionally while building (both crash, and a rerun works fine).

Can I pass in an env var or switch to make Meteor use a different build directory for the mirror instance?

You could instead use the new full-app mode for the mirror, and use a the special driver that the MDG built. These will give you mirror that has a separate build cycle and without the problems you mentioned.

Hmm, practicalmeteor:mocha? Would this basically entail not using Chimp anymore for the functional testing? --full-app mode still requires being explicit about import statements, and it doesn’t work with code inside the tests/ directory, right? So we’d have to do some refactoring. And how would this work with Cucumber — I guess there is also a driver for that?

See here:

This is the newer & better way to do a “mirror”

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