Meteor mongo: can it just be modularized as an NPM package?


I have found projects where I want to connect to a Meteor back end and subscribe to some data set.

What I am wondering is: is there anything preventing mongo and minimongo from becoming it’s own NPM package, separate of Meteor? This is a major complaint I have, that this compatibility issue makes it irritating to work with meteor because then you’re forever stuck in the confines of meteor.


That was originally in the pipeline for 1.5 I think, but has been superseded by Meteor support for Apollo. Still, it’s likely to follow on pretty quickly, as many people want this.

Meanwhile, there are a number of libraries providing DDP call/method and pub/sub capability.


I’m waiting for this too. Meanwhile I’m using this bundle. It just strips the client side files from a meteor bundle and minifies it.

It works great.