Meteor Monthly Update - April 2022 πŸ“†

Hey everyone,

Our Meteor Monthly Update for April is now available to read! :rocket:

There were a lot of exciting new things that happened this past month and more fascinating initiatives and projects coming to Meteor!

A huge thanks to our contributors and our Meteor community. :comet:

Click here to read our April blog post.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. :slightly_smiling_face:




I’m not at all optimistic about the merchandise store.
The METEOR team should only focus on development and debugging!

On the other hand if for the roadmap
Set a specific time, great.


I’m looking forward to adding Flutter as a client. To get rid of cordova.

Is Flutter that good? I’ve haven’t heard great things about it

Flutter is amazing.
I can not say in detail.
Only after researching it I am sure you will leave react native and cordova aside

Does Flutter still create web apps inside of an iframe?

No it is not,
I think it works with js.

I think it is not yet complete for use on the web.

But it is flagship on mobile.
And certainly a good alternative to cordova in the meteor.

Don’t worry @saeeed, our devs will be focusing on development and more important tasks. I will be leading the merch store. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you think you can schedule a presentation for Flutter as a client? For example, in the next 6 months.
Or to know exactly how many teams have priority?

You can already use Flutter with Meteor. There is a DDP Client developed by @tanutapi: dart_meteor | Dart Package. To develop Flutter apps, you use Dart programming language.

There are examples on his GitHub. You can also check this blog post.

Our team tested this integration a few months ago, and it works. We haven’t implemented any real app, but we know that @tanutapi has used it in production for quite some time. Our goal is to improve this integration, but we don’t have any ETA yet.

If you are interested in it, we recommend testing it and giving feedback to @tanutapi.


I am looking for a reliable package.
Honestly, we are waiting for the package from the meteor team to be able to rely on it.
Solve its problems and be constantly updated.

+1, a major reason people use Meteor is because all of its components are vendor integrated and supported

for using hacky open source packages, we have Node.js :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can talk with the Meteor dev team regarding this.

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Sorry guys, I just don’t understand why a minor part of announcement came to be a discussion (Meteor Merch Store).

The guys are showing a lot of good new things. Congratulations for all hard work with Meteor!!!