Meteor + Moodle + MeteorUp

Would anyone have any experience using Meteor and Moodle web services?

I have a few questions, do you have any hints on how to get Meteor and Moodle to work together?

Also, I’m using MeteorUp to deploy, how did you deploy with Meteor up?

Thanks in advance!

In which way do you want to use Moodle with your Meteor app?

Hi @jkuester, thank you for responding.

To start I would like to use Meteor for user authorization. e.g. users created in the meteor app are automatically created in the moodle app.

Thanks in advance

For this setup I haven’t checked the feasibility yet. The opposite (Meteor login with Moodle accounts) would be much easier.

However MOODLE supports OAuth2 workflows and you may check out the DEMO to play around with it:

You definitely have to read through the OAuth2 standard:

but a good starting point is also this resource:

If you also need to exchange data beyond just user accounts, you need to read about LTI:

If you realize, that you need to run your own OAuth2 server, I successfully managed to wrap it into a single Meteor package:

Hope this is a good starting point.

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@jkuester, thanks a million. I am looking into LTI. I would like to do what you said: Meteor login with Moodle accounts. So how would you go about doing that? Would you use LTI for that?

Thanks again.