Meteor, MupX/Docker, Raspberry Pi? How to I put all these pieces together?

Diving into what I thought at first to be a fairly simple project.

Picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 with a DAC to build a little music server. Set it up with Raspian and the MPD music server.

Just want to build a fairly lightweight interface to play music for a specific event. Planned to use meteor since I’m familiar and can whip it out in no time. But now I’ve confused myself.

Kadira MUPX deploys using docker. So, I probably need docker installed on the Pi.

Because it installs using docker, do I need to use an ARM/Pi specific meteor version? Or, because it will be in a docker container, can I just develop as I always do with standard meteor?

Lastly, and most ridiculously. Because all my deployments to this point have been on pre-existing Apache servers…

I plan to use nginx for this, but do I install it on the pi, or in a docker container? Probably on the pi, but like I said, I’ve totally confused myself as to how all the pieces work together.