Meteor "Naked App" Cordova without HCP / WebApp package?


our app is basically online only, getting more complicated by the month and HCP is always giving us grief in one way or another even though we don’t really take advantage of it as far as I can see…

So, question 1 would be: How much / in which regards do we really benefit from WebApp etc if we don’t really support offline mode anyways? Are there any other restrictions we should be aware of?

b) Wouldn’t it be nice if there’d be a way to switch the Meteor Cordova Build to a “Cordova-Lite” - Build which basically just shows the regular client app in a webview (Meteor.isCordova should be doable with a runtime check of some kind I think?)?

c) How difficult would it be / is it to edit a regular meteor cordova build do just call the app code?

Last but not least, I’m gonna try and investigate all of this a bit & will otherwise try to basically just create a cordova app and install the same cordova plugins we use in the project and then see if I can get it to work in my own cordova build basically.

But of course it’d be cool if there’d be a simple way to switch the meteor build to a simpler, just-load-the-webapp - version by eg. adding or removing a package.