Meteor needs a community driven admin UI!


This is the biggest problem for me right now.

  • Houston is too basic
  • yogiben:admin is too inactive
  • Orion is too much overhead

or did I miss any?


I’m always starting up new projects with meteor-starter (using yogiben:admin). After meteor update its impossible for me to move on meteor 1.2 and also i don’t can run server. I also try run with meteor --allow-incompatible-update but nothing’s don’t work. It is great admin, easy to understand and i like to continue with it. Maybe we can help to contribute.

I create issue on this upgrade breaks:
meteor-starter issue #91 (sorry this forum don’t allow me create a link :confused: )

May be somebody can help to deal with this. Thanks.


To me it sounds like you need to roll your own :wink: I’ve never been able to use one of those for clients as they’re never flexible enough to meet the requirements.

Those types of things cost very little time upfront but you end up paying in spades later when trying to force it to do something it doesn’t support by working around the edges.

Just my opinion :smile:


I have been working on creating Pure Admin. On it’s own it does nothing in relation to your data. Instead it allows you to easily put together an admin panel that acts like it is in a separate app. You can then add packages to extend it: for example, to manage users or your data in MongoDB or PostgreSQL or another database. You can also easily add app specific sections to the admin panel.

There still is a couple missing features in the core, but after fixing those I will be working on packages to extend it (managing data in MongoDB is a high priority) and writing tests.

I would love to hear feedback, ideas, etc. Anything. :smile:


I’m working on one, considering making it open source. The trouble with admin panels is they tend to be quite opinionated. Mine, for example, assumes you’re using collection2 (because an admin panel without any concept of a schema would be rather bizarre) and alanning:roles for role management, and it also uses iron:router for it’s routing. So, all in all, it’s like a mini-meteor app within your regular app.


I’ve just started looking at these and have the same list (only Pure Admin is left for me to check out), and it looks like Orion was the best fit - is there some reason why you’d consider it too much overhead? In my newb view I couldn’t find a good way to modify yogiben:admin and also found Houston too basic. Does Orion slow an app down or is it too much effort to configure?



It’s yogiben.

Right now, I personally don’t have time to maintain admin & starter as much as I’d like due to my startups’s attempt to get a VC round.

Knowing this, I started paying a freelancer to go through PR’s and & issues once a week and do bug fixes.

@peterm completely agree. We’re currently trying to make yogiben:admin as less-opinionated as possible, however this is no easy task.

My question to @obiwahn is: What do you mean by a community driven admin UI?

What could we do to turn this into a community project?


With “community driven” I meant more active developers. However we may accomplish that.

@yogiben: Great startup idea. Hopefully it won’t be misused by criminals. Best of luck!