Meteor needs alot of Tutorials/Resources to grow

Hello Everyone,

My name is Wisdom and I am a full stack developer, i have been using django + vue js for a while now not until i found out about Meteor js last week and i absolutely love it. To me, it is the best full stack framework ever created.

But there are some challenges i want to talk about, I have introduced meteor to all my developer friends using React and Angular and they all loved it, but they complained that it lacked enough tutorials and resources to help them get started faster.

They complained that the tutorials out there for Meteor are outdated due to the version changes leading to changes in project file structure unlike react which has a rich community with various tutorials and learning resources for different projects.

I would suggest that this community should help create Project based Courses and tutorials and publish them to youtube or any E-learning platform.

People need to know about this great framework and the only way to make it more popular like react is to create alot of tutorials (youtube), forums, Meteor hackathons e.t.c



The new Meteor roadmap includes a dedicated effort on improving the tutorials.

Hi Wizbuntu,

Agree. Please do take a look at the resource at

It may help.


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There are a couple of very good YouTube series about Meteor, the one from LevelUpTuts is the best IMO.

Yes LevelUpTutorials has great stuff - especially for Meteor.

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Hi @wizbuntu are you willing to take the lead in any item of the roadmap related to docs and tutorials?

We have plenty of them

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Thank you so much for sharing this resource with me. I really appreciate

I always think its a good sign when you see Meteor being included in things like the LevelUpTutorials collection of icons on its home page, ESlint’s collection of environments (and being listed in the documentation), Semantic UI includes Meteor in its documentation as an installation environment worth mentioning. It keeps Meteor relevant in my opinion for people to see it’s icon around. I found Meteor in a blog post mentioning it as a framework worth getting to know in 2019. Otherwise I might not have really gotten involved. So every little bit matters