Meteor + NG4 and lazy loading

Does anyone have an example of MeteorJS with Angular4 and Lazy Loading?
If am combining the example of Quicks (

I have everything working, but the lazy loading requires SystemJS and I am having trouble implementing it like in the QuickStart. The systemjs.config.js is niet included in the build so I am a bit confused what to do with it.

Is there a way to exclude having to use SystemJS?

In meteor you should be able to ignore the system js config completely and use dynamic import() instead!

Okay, that sounds good.

So may second questions, using UI-Router for Angular 4, is there an example how to do the lazy loading as done in the quickstart example I supplied?
Especially this file,, where the BAZ route is using loadNgModule which requires systemJs right now.

It would be cool doing this the Meteor way but I don’t know where to start.