Meteor Night Live

Meteor Night (formerly known as DevShop San Francisco) is Meteor’s flagship event, held out of our headquarters in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Meteor Night spolights talks from around our open source community, including featured technical talks and demos of interesting Meteor apps. We also feature talks from Meteor Core Developers with technical updates on the project. Meteor Night is must-see material for those hoping to stay abreast of the latest developments from around the community and Meteor Development Group itself.

I see no mention of this on the forums, but here ya go. Livestream starts in 20 minutes as of this post. (7pm PST - 10pm EST)

7:00PM - Shawn Young, CEO of Classcraft - The Benefits and Challenges of Developing a Production Meteor App

7:20PM - Jeff Wear and Mike Risse, Mixmax - Using Meteor and Electron to Build MixMax for OSX

7:40PM - Martijn Walraven, Core Developer at Meteor Development Group - Cordova Improvements coming in Meteor 1.3

8:05PM - App Demos

Really excited for these talks, sounds like people are going to drop some serious knowledge!

I have all my friends watching it tonight. Hopefully they are interested to switch to Meteor.


BTW, I have some managing interface for embedding YT livestream + some live audience feedback embedds like .
There is also event program management + possibility to show current + next + next topics with presenter name+link.
I am planning to prepare also route which u can just embed on your own pages.
So If u would like to have such Meteor based solution, let me know.
My test stream was here
And plus custom stuff, twitter feed etc…
Working on live speech2text subtitle generating stuff atm.

So if something like this looks OK for you, we can try to prepare embed screen for next event.

@nickcoe would be the right person to look at this.

Wow, Classcraft scales to 10k concurrent users with Galaxy!


I’m super excited to try Meteor-Electron, looks awesome. Better come up with an app idea…