Meteor Night SF Scheduling Update

Hi all,

I wanted to update you on a different scheduling format we’re switching to with the San Francisco-based Meteor Night (away from our regular, semi-monthly schedule) in order to open up speaking opportunities to the broader Meteor community.

Aside from major Meteor releases (like Meteor 1.5), we’ll be holding off on scheduling Meteor Nights until we have a confirmed speaker from the community, which gives us the chance to schedule meetups around speakers who aren’t normally based in San Francisco.

If you have a Meteor story to tell and are open to traveling to San Francisco to give a talk (or giving a talk while you’re in town for other reasons), please let us know at

In the meantime, we’ll be working with Meteor’s open source team and community members to create more video content for our Youtube channel that’s not associated with a particular event. If you have ideas for tutorials that could be helpful, or if you’re interested in working with us to create one, let us know!


Hmmm… I’d love to give a talk about a meteor dev tool I made

I think a looot of people would find it useful