Meteor not loading on localhost:3000

I’m doing the tutorial on to do list; Meteor does not load on localhost:3000. I tried other tutorial; same results. I tried but that didn’t help. Tried setting port to 3030, no luck. Not loading on Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefix. Help!.

Are you using Windows, Mac or Linux?

What is displayed in the Console when you run Meteor??
There would be an error, otherwise it will say that it is running on localhost:3000.

Opps, sorry. Forgot my dev machine. Macbook. Console says application is running on localhost:3000. no error message.

In your browser, when you load that URL does it show an error page? or just a blank page?

If it shows a blank page I suspect your client is getting an error.
Open the browser developer console and look at that, see if there are any errors.

If it shows an error page (like destination unreachable) then there is something else wrong.
I would maybe try in the browser… - you said you tried this…

As a simple test you should try to do a meteor create follow the instructions and see that your browser can connect to the server that you start up in a console window.

Then you can start debugging your app. When you bring up the developer tools, what is in the developer tools console on the browser? errors? nothing?

Got it! I re-installed Meteor and went from there. Now the Meteor welcome page is showing.
All’s well that ends well.
Thanks to all.

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