Meteor not rebuilding on file change... sometimes


I’ve got two issues. I’m on windows 10 meteor

  1. Meteor doesn’t rebuild on every file change. Sometime I can change a .graphql file and it will rebuild and sometimes it wont. If it doesn’t I would edit a .js file that requires the graphql file. Usually that will trigger a rebuild. The last day or two when I’ve got an error preventing meteor from starting It wouldn’t rebuild on any file change.

  2. The second issue is grapql files are being cached even when a change in that file triggers a rebuild, so the schema remains the same. Sometimes closing and restarting meteor won’t fix this either. This behaivour is the same with babel-plugin-inline-import@3.0.0 or 2.6.2, swydo:graphql and orionsoft:graphql-compiler.
    Is there someway I can make a script to run on rebuild to delete the graphql cache?

If anyone can shed any insight I would be grateful.


I share your pain. It’s only the graphql that’s failing sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes. I think that a change in purely the graphql isn’t detected, or that the cache is just bugging.

Any ways, for babel-plugin-inline-import, it’s a known issue:

Each time you modify a GraphQL file, the node_modules/.cache/babel-loader folder must be cleared for the changes to take effect. I recommend prepending the relevant script in your package.json and rerunning the script when you change a GraphQL file