Meteor not rendering when src is a url/ip when building to an apk

I have been trying to figure out why Meteor isn’t rendering an image. I have tried multiple different versions of Meteor 1.3,, and I cannot get it to render and it should.

All I do is create a new Meteor app with meteor create --release x.x.x.x myapp then add the following

<img src=""/> <img src=""/>

into the main.html view. It displays properly when testing on browser, but simply never renders on mobile.

It simply fails to pull anything from a url that has almost 100% uptime.

I have found a boilerplate as an example and insert the exact code in the router.jsx spot completely overriding the ReactDOM.render with the above snippet. Build it to mobile and works fine.

To build I do meteor build ../build --debug

I am unsure what could be possibility preventing this to render.

Did you whitlelist the domains (

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I did not.
I will check that out.

OKAY, awesome. Thank you very much. It definitely worked after checking out that settings portion.

I had to do

App.accessRule('', {
    'minimum-tls-version': 'TLSv1.0',
    'requires-forward-secrecy': false,

App.accessRule('data:*', {
    type: 'navigation'