Meteor not starting - Error Identification Help needed

Hi guys,

i need some help to get started getting started with meteor…
i downloaded Meteor (for windows, i have win7) and installed it.
I created my first project but when i tried to run it (port 3000 already in use, so 3002) it failed at starting the webserver.

I tried deleting the mentioned files (advised here: [node.js - Meteor error with windows 8.1: your application has errors. waiting for file change - Stack Overflow]

but it didn’t help.

I read somewhere else it might be an issue with permissions, but when i try to run it fromand cmd as admin, it says: meteor is not a valid input.

I attached a png showing the error i get.
Any help would be greatly appreciatd.

Thanks in advance,


This is an ongoing problem involving the Windows limit of 260 characters on file paths. They’ve been through a few iterations trying to get rid of the problem as it is happening in the NPM modules that Meteor uses. The issue is being tracked as Meteor issue #7247.

You could try ‘meteor update --release 1.3.4-rc.1’.

than you very much for the instantanious reply.
i’ll go ahead and try that.



I highly recommend not developing on windows and using a virtual machine with a ubuntu image - it’s very easy for beginners to computing.

The main reason for this being is that hosting on a windows machine is a joke as is development on such a toy, such as this problem currently with the length of paths - what a joke, on a paid for product? Well done Bill (claps slowly)

It’s better to just stop supporting the insanity and move to a OS that supports development not hinders it. Also you will get better karma cos Bill Gates :joy:

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I’ll second that. I was developing on Windows until about a year ago though I had used Linux many times during the past and primarily used GNU utilities on Windows. I went through a transition phase of running Ubuntu on VirtualBox that worked pretty well. If you have a couple of cores to dedicate to it, it is as if it is native on your machine. As I did that, I learned how to replace all of my Windows favorites with Linux or Google applications. In February, I took the plunge and made my machine dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.

I haven’t booted the Windows partition since March and am very happy. None of the recent Meteor releases gave me any special trouble at all. In fact, I flip around between different releases and don’t have an issue.

Note that 1.3.4 was released last night. So just a normal ‘meteor update’ should get you there.

Awesome man!! Nicely done! Delete windows and burn a huge spliff in
celebration. Honestly nothing takes up more time then dealing with how crap
windows is, all I ever hear from windows devs is how can I get this to
work? Where are the drivers? Urgh what a waste of time an money