Meteor not transpiling `Object spread` from `SRP package`

I’m using meteor 1.6 and the app works fine in Chrome and Firefox latest versions.
But in IE and Edge, I get this error in the console.

The app has a lot of code and as there are no source maps, I don’t know where that line is coming from.
Can someone help, please?

Edit: I ran app in dev mode, found out this line of code is from this package

How do i force transpilation of this? Its used by accounts-password

I’m not sure what the minimum version of Meteor needed for this is, but if you symlink that package in to your project hierarchy (like under /imports somewhere) then the meteor build system will recompile that package. In Meteor 1.8.2+ you can just set a recompile flag for that specific npm package.

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I tried upgrading Meteor but then i kept getting Mongo Errors

I’ve had issues like that on occasion. I think it happens when the version of Mongo changes between versions of Meteor. You can either manually migrate your data, or you can meteor reset your local project and start fresh.

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Since SRP is a meteor package and not NPM, I think you’ll probably need to adjust which browsers get the modern browser bundle.

Oh! For atmosphere packages, you’ll need to get the package author to update it with the ecmascript package and republish, or you can grab a copy from source, and put it in your local /packages folder, and then adjust it as needed (add the ecmascript package to the package’s package.js file).

Update: Actually, it looks like the package is configured correctly - does it just need to be republished? Or maybe it just doesn’t support Meteor 1.6 any more? I’d probably file an issue in Meteor.

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Oh, yes… this can’t be a legacy/modern browser issue since it’s Meteor 1.6 :man_facepalming:

Locally meteor reset wont be a problem, but in production will it cause any error?

Fixed it by downgrading SRP from 1.0.11 to 1.0.10

Ah, yes… Looks like this commit adds that line using an a spread operator, but doesn’t add ecmascript package usage.

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