Meteor not working after update

Is working my project perfectly. Update the project and now nothing works. I have tried doing a
meteor update --release 1.4.3
but it has not worked for me either. This is the error that shows me

I appreciate any help
meteor version =

Do you have a .babelrc file in your project? I was having import issues when I upgraded a project from v1.4.3.2 to v1.4.4.1.

Sometimes cleaning and building your project from scratch can fix the issue or help you determine what package is causing you issues. You should delete your node_modules by rm -rf node_modules, clear meteor by meteor reset, and then run meteor npm install before running your project again.

If you have been using git and committing your .meteor files you can roll back to before your latest update.

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I encountered this error before when i updated to some other lower version.

Its not because of meteor itself. It must be due to some package thats incompatible with new meteor.

I updated to 1,4,4,1 too and after starting it shows me this errors