Meteor-now - instantly deploy your Meteor apps. But what about now?

Found this today Meteor-now - instantly deploy your Meteor apps with now.

It looks very interesting and I wonder how that 14.99usd now plan competes with Galaxy.

Who knows more about now’s dynamic realtime scaling with Meteor?

You may find this helpful:

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I think there’s nothing in the article talking about how it competes with galaxy (with the paid plan) so if anyone has tried it would be nice to know how their auto-scaling works :slight_smile:

Currently, Now does not support sticky sessions, but the CEO of zeit/now said they are currently working on that.

So if your meteor app is not stateless (has auth/sessions/subscriptions) you would start to have problems as now scales your instance to multiple servers.

Never had any problems with that, we’re using PM2 for Meteor and it doesn’t provide sticky sessions. If you don’t store anything session relevant within a server variable, it shouldn’t be a problem if the user connects to another instance again.