Meteor npm shrinkwrap vs meteor-node-stubs

I am trying to use “meteor npm shrinkwrap”, but I get bunches of messages about meteor-node-stubs and its dependencies being extraneous. So then I do “meteor npm install” and it removes meteor-node-stubs and its dependencies – and “meteor npm shrinkwrap” is now happy.

But when I try to run my meteor application, it complains about being unable to resolve some modules (“path” and “fss”) and suggests installing meteor-node-stubs. And the application doesn’t work.

So then I do “meteor npm install --save meteor-node-stubs” and the application works fine but “meteor npm shrinkwrap” complains again.

This is on meteor 1.5.1 with every package updated to the latest-and-greatest. It is very reproducible.

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Having the same problem as well, running Meteor (yes, I need to upgrade :slight_smile:)

There’s an issue for the package here: