Meteor npm update package name is not working

I need to update one of the packages. When I install a packages, I do meteor npm install package name .

But when it comes to update the package, I did meteor update package name and this didn’t work for me. Nothing happened after running the command.

How can I update the package with meteor?

Thank you.

meteor remove package_name then meteor add package_name. If you don’t get the latest version you probably have dependencies which are not satisfied by the latest version (e.g. another package depending on an older version of the package you try to update).

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When I run meteor remove packge_name, I see package_name is not a direct dependency in this project.

and the package I’m trying to update is used in one of other dependencies so I have that package only in package-lock.json not in package.json.

For this case, how can I update the package?

For npm packages, you use the normal npm commands but with meteor at the beginning of the command.

To update: meteor npm update package_name

Sorry I completely got your question wrong :slight_smile: and answered for a completely different subject.


meteor npm update package_name
So my case this command didn’t do anything. Do you have any ideas why?

No worries at all! Thanks for the help!

Hmm not sure. If you provide your package.json, the name of the package, and any errors you’re seeing in the terminal, I or someone else may be able to diagnose.

When you’re providing the json / terminal output, it helps readability if you wrap them in back ticks like this ``` so it’ll display like:

I’m wrapped in back ticks

So when I meteor npm audit, this is what I see

Just running the command npm update normalize-url --depth 8 made significant changes to the package-lock.json .

And my thought was usually I install packages with meteor command (meteor npm install package_name ) so I thought I could run meteor npm update normalize-url --depth 8 but this didn’t do anything.