Meteor --offline script /and/other/command/options

So, I’ve been getting ready to dive into the meteor-tool again, and work on some build plugins for an application.json file. I’ve also been thinking about other commands and options it would be great to have on the command line. Some ideas include:

meteor --offline
An alias for METEOR_OFFLINE_CATALOG=true meteor.

meteor script foo
An alias for meteor npm run-script foo.

meteor env
A command to list out all the environment variables that Meteor uses, and their current values.

meteor uninstall
An alias for rm -rf ~.meteor, and any additional directories that might be needed to complete the framework installation lifecycle.

These aren’t overly complex commands and improvements. But they’re little things which would help make the overall workflow a lot smoother. Anybody else have command odds-and-ends that they’ve been wanting to see in the core tool?


Yes please:

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