Meteor on a Raspberry Pi (arm)

Is possible to run Meteor on a Raspberry Pi3 ?
Somebody have tried it ?

To my knowledge there ist no arm build for Meteor but you can easily deploy your Meteor Apps to rpi using MUP.

I’ve tried to deploy with MUP, I already deploy in a Linux server and all’s good but in rpi don’t works.
It give me:

WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm/v7)

Both docker Meteor container “abernix/meteord:node-12-base” and “zodern/meteor” seems not for arm architecture, what is the right docker container ?

I’m currently facing the same problem. Did you find any solution?

Unfortunately no…
I have not spent to much time, but still not having a solution.

I don’t think Meteor officially spports ARM.

// Valid architectures that Meteor officially supports.
export const VALID_ARCHITECTURES: Record<string, boole
an> = {
  "os.osx.x86_64": true,
  "os.linux.x86_64": true,
  "": true,

Just a question about that: node is actually supporting arm so what exactly is the issue of Meteor not doing it? Is this maybe just an articact from the old days?

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I agreed. Both of node and mongodb (we don’t need mongodb on Raspberry Pi)

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Yes, me to have do this idea and when I saw it not working on Raspberry, I’m little confusing.
Meteor is an js application adn it work on Node, so it can works on Arm, but does’nt… I dont know…
“joke"we can add Arm on “VALID_ARCHITECTURES” ?!”/joke" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way you can actually build your Meteor app and run it as node app in ARM already just in case this could be relevant. Not Sure If all features are available when building on x86 but we did this already in a trial and it worked out.

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