Meteor on Alibaba Cloud - $30 USD per instance for a whole year!?

Has anyone tried deploying Meteor to Alibaba Cloud?

SSD Cloud Server from $30 USD per instance
for a whole year!
Free Anti-DDoS Basic + more


That looks awesome. They even have a Sydney presence.

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That sounds crazy :astonished:
I thought those must be Chinese prizes or something, but they have locations in the US too.
Nothing in Europe yet though. Our office server is still good enough for me. But thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:

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Anyone try their servers? $300 free credit for new users.

How is the performance on their cloud?

I have been using aliyun(alibaba cloud) since last year. I haven’t found any major drawback that stop me using it. Performance is great for the service outside china mainland. Inside the mainland china, you may facing network issues such as no connectivity to GitHub NPM google services etc.

PS: OSS and aliCDN is great if you broadcast your media content to Chinese customers. Much faster than AWS S3 and cloudfront


That’s pretty good storage too. I wonder if you buy too instances, could you put Meteor on one and Mongo on the other, and share the storage between them, so you can use most of the 80gb for Mongo?

I think you can. We previously had similar implementation, where one server has Meteor and mongo together, the other only has Meteor and access mongo from server one.

Now there is product dedicated for mongo. See here:
But it seems not available for international users yet.

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I think it supports international users:

Have anyone try this for Meteor?

You build with Meteor?

@theara Yes. Meteor 1.2

wow must try this out, so cheap!

They have Frankfurt listed

Awesome! Pretty sure it wasn’t there when I looked, they must just have expanded :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s a temporary promotion, their pricing page reveals a much more standard pricing structure:

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Hi @naoziwatele
Could you give more details how you deployed meteor to aliyun please?


Sure, I used the latest version of mup which has docker included.


Did you use aliyun for database as well? I actually cant find mongodb support from aliyun.

My mongodb is on the same deployed server. It is also feasible if you wanna set up database separately. There is support on aliyun china and I guess it will be on aliyun international very soon

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It seems the Alibaba Cloud has been launched Mongo on their international site. See the link below:

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