Meteor on Windows Phone

Hi, first post here!
I’m using Meteor for both a work project and a personal project where i need to create a website and multiple mobile versions.

There are no problem with iOS and Android, but i need to build for Windows Phone too (and probably in the future a Windows UWA app too). Since Visual Studio 2015 natively handles node.js and cordova i don’t think it’s something impossible to achieve.

Have someone already did this? I cannot find any guide or suggestion for achieve my goal.

BTW, i really hope there will be official support about this, a little partnership with Microsoft for integrate Meteor in Visual Studio and Windows can only be totally awesome!

I think the biggest roadblock is a stable DDP client for .NET/Windows Phone. An officially supported one would be nice.

Hi, i need to build for BlackBerry Os 10 too, anyone already did this?

I thought BlackBerry OS 10 supported Android apps natively.

Yes, Android apps are very slow…