Meteor Oplog CSP Rules

I’m currently working on a Chrome extension that utilizes Meteor’s Oplog to synchronize data between the extension and a server. My initial approach involved running the entire Meteor framework within the plugin, but I’ve encountered Content Security Errors that prevent this from working effectively.

As a potential solution, I’m considering using Meteor’s Oplog separately on a Node.js application. This would allow me to leverage the Oplog’s functionality without the constraints of the full Meteor framework.

My question is, would it be feasible to use Meteor’s Oplog independently within a Node.js application? If so, are there any specific considerations or guidelines I should follow to ensure compatibility and proper implementation?

I recognize that Meteor’s Oplog is an integral component of the Meteor framework, and I sincerely appreciate the team’s dedication to developing this powerful tool. If using the Oplog separately is not advisable, I’m open to exploring alternative solutions that maintain data synchronization between the Chrome extension and the server.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your insights and guidance on this matter.

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OpLog is from MongoDB to Meteor. What you are talking about is the DDP protocol.

This is something you can actually use separately: Example here:

There are parts in here for login/ddp etc.

Your content security errors may not be gone by just that, if you have specific errors you could list them so we could help with finding the real source of them.

There is the MeteorDev tool that might do what you want somehow.

It is a tool to help a meteor developer debug and check what is going on in their application. I think they use minimongo to display the data(the extension only works with Meteor apps)

If you want to subscribe and listen to data from a Meteor app, you can use SimpleDDP or SimpleDDP-TS( it is a npm package to connect to a meteor app)

All right guys thanks for all your suggestion will get back on you once I have more information.