Meteor or Apollo?


I’ve built half a dozen projects on Blaze and React on top of Meteor and love it, but I’m now exploring building smaller VueJS plugins to be dropped into static sites that I don’t have a ton of control over (other than knowing I can insert a js file). The idea for these is to add a signup system w/ the same UI on different sites that connect to the same database.

I’ve had some experience with Meteor, but the Meteor/React front-end and back-end have always been deployed as the same application.

I was playing around a bit with Express, and recently went through the React+Apollo and VueJS+Apollo tutorials from howtographql, and really liked using to control and manage the data. There’s not a whole lot of data, and the data model isn’t terribly complicated.

I’m also getting familiar with Apollo and GraphQL now, but still kind of prefer, and MUCH more familiar with the old Meteor pub/sub way. I’ve actually already built a working prototype w/ the necessary data model in a Meteor app already, so moving to Apollo/GQL/ means recreating the functions/mutations/schema that already works with my Meteor/Mongo prototype etc.

So my question is: Should I create a Meteor front/back-end instance and expose a WebSocket or REST API (or even GQL?) layer for my drop-in static site plugins… or should I just have all those ones connect to a database? How difficult is it to convert an existing Meteor deployment into a back-end API?

Thanks so much everyone!


How about Meteor with Apollo (no longer needing Express)? I’ve been trying out and quite like it.


that’s a really cool library, really worked out for me. Thanks so much!


You can thank @jamiter for the package.