Hello everyone

I am using meteor on a Mac OS 10.14.3 and I would like to set the variable METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS to use packages located on my PC
To do that, I use

$ launchctl setenv METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS PackagesPath

It works, but I have to redo this command each time I open a new session on my PC
Does anyone have an idea to make this variable permanent.

Thank you for your answers

Add export METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS=PackagesPath to your ~/.bashrc file

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thank you for your quick reply
Everything is working properly now.

In fact, I think something changed between my first version of OS and MOJAVE because I had never changed ‘bashrc’, but only run an ‘export’ and everything worked. As a result of a problem with my PC I did a reset, which installed me MOJAVE and caused this problem.
It does not matter, now everything works.

Thanks again