Meteor Packages that use NPM packages: Private NPM Registry?

Moin Meteorites,

I have a problem. We just created our own private NPM registry in-haus and our meteor projects work fine except our own meteor packages that use these NPM packages out of our private NPM Registry.

When the Meteor tool does its thing and creates the .npm folder in the package that uses NPM packages it always tries to load the files from but our url is http://some.local.address.loc:4100/.

How can I tell the Meteor tool that I want it to look in our NPM Registry and not the external public one?

I have .npmrc files everywhere in the project and in the packages and I tried another few locations but it does not seem to recognize this NPM config setting.

Does anyone have a clue or did anyone have the same issue before?

I found out from a co-worker that I can use NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY env var to set it. This is ok for deployment but is there no way I can use the npmrc somewhere since this would make it easier for me?