Meteor performance

Hi guy. I have built project with Meteor. First performance of it very good but It is slow after run long time. Help me!

Hi @nguyentienvu,

This question (and most of your questions) fall into a category that is “non-actionable”. That may be why you are not getting responses.

Imagine someone calling support:

question: "I type at my computer and the screen is blank, what is wrong?"
answer: “umm… turn your computer on?”

The range of possibilities is very broad and not really actionable.

Make your question actionable

Put some work into figuring out more precisely where your issue is:

  • Where is your performance slow? Server side? Mongo calls? Client side?
  • Have you done any timings? What particular function/feature is slow?
  • What parts of your function/feature are slow?

Once you have done this, you will be able to pose a more actionable question and maybe you will get some responses.