Meteor Podcast?

I would be down to host a Meteor podcast that highlighted various community packages and improvements, but I don’t have the bandwidth to put the info together. As in, I don’t have the time to hunt for the new things in the community. If we had some way of assembling a list of new things, projects, packages whatever, I’d be down to host, produce and make the show.

If you don’t know me, I host and have a lot of experience with this kind of stuff.



I’d definitely be a regular listener! Aside from technical issues, it would be really interesting to hear from actual startups that have based their product on Meteor. Their growth alongside the stack, mistakes made, getting new devs on board, issues with scaling, infrastructure decisions etc. All the way from choice of packages to devops. Not really sure if this kind of interview style podcasting is your cup of tea, and it would probably be difficult to find founders willing to talk openly about their business, but just thowing it out there.


Depending on the frequency I could help with gathering of the materials. I’m already doing something similar for the newsletter, so I think think I already have at least some of the materials.


Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. I bet I could just use your newsletter as a guide if you didn’t mind.

Sure, but it comes out only when there is a Meteor release, so it might be better to create a different system so that you can get the info early.


I’m such a coding amateur, I’m not sure I could lead, but I would be more than willing to help.

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