Meteor + Polymer 1.0 (Important) + Android

Hello guys,

Someone succeeded in creating a project Meteor + Polymer 1.0, which effectively run well on an Android device?

I’m giving up already, it seems like a combination impossible in the current scenario.

Define Android. Web app. Hybrid app? What is not working well?

Polymer works very excellent on Android, however performance is not “perfect” since you still have to use the old polyfill since the lighter newer polyfill is not yet compatible with meteor. But it’s good enough in my opinion (sucks on Safari though).

Those performance issues are only relevant for webkit webview for hybrid apps which don’t use a recent version of webkit (since recent ones have native shadow dom support, hence no polyfill required).

@AndreasGalster, Talking about Hybrid App.

The old polyfill it’s for development, not for production…

If you’re looking for the new polyfill nope, you will have to wait. But what are your biggest issues?

Could also be that you simply use polymer wrong. If you’re using paper elements it contains a lot of animations that can overlap if you’re not careful. As soon as you have two animations on mobile phone things go downhill very fast.


I dont using wrong, I work in two another big projects using Polymer and also works fine.

This is a meteor issue (dont work with new polyfill). In this project the object to using Meteor is data-sync with offline databases at mobile. Perhaps the best way is using another option to do this.

Thanks :slight_smile: