Meteor prerequisites for Android APK


I am getting envoirment variable ANDROID_HOME not set error while generating APK of my meteor project
I have installed JDK 8.0.131 that meteor says is correct.
Then my android studio is installed correctly and SDK is placed under /Home/username/Android/Sdk
I set this path in .bshrc file
But when i run command meteor run android it says Environment variable is not set

Can any body help me how to install every thing correctly with the specific versions required.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and my meteor version is


The script has been working for me for quite some time, through various upgrades :

meteor-mantra-kickstarter / .scripts / android /

Feel free to ask for assistance if you need it.

Well it is because of android-sdk-tools as the current version is 26.something. I uninstalled it and added the version 25.2.5 in Android/Sdk and it works now :slight_smile:

Hi, having similar issues, any help appeciated:

I have meteor build working with Meteor but need to run with debugger meteor run android and cannot get that to work as Android Studio 2.3.1 only has emulator for API 26 and I cannot work out how to install a version that works with API 25

I logged issue here

Have you got this to work?

Yes it is working in my case.
I also installed the latest version of studio.
Then go to sdk manager by running ./ and un check android sdk platform tools
Then install the old version of sdk tools separately.
I hope this helps.