Meteor Prime Partners For Sale


Over on the Meteor Partner page I noticed some partners have a “Prime Partner” designation. Those developers often mention that they are “Prime Partners” on their website, which implies an exclusive club reserved for those whose expertise, demonstrated by some vetting process, earned them the Prime designation.

However another Meteor Partner @almog had this to say:

while the “Prime Partner Program” might sound like it creates a difference between Meteor partners and selects the higher or more experienced partners it does not. The prime program is a pure ads system based on payment to Meteor Development Group, for $700 per month you become a “Prime Partner” and get preferred listing . . . Looking at the current prime partners a number of them have very little experience in Meteor.

Is this true? If so it seems rather deceptive. I think Meteor should prominently explain what “Prime” means on the Partner Page. I thought it meant MDG had somehow qualified these people based on their expertise. I think it’s OK to allow people to pay to be listed first, or even to have a larger listing (like Sortfolio) but calling them “Prime” Partners is just misleading. Prime means of the best possible quality; excellent.

What do you think? Should MDG explain the meaning of “Prime” on their Partner page?

Where is the meteor love?

Wow, $700 p.m. for a partnership programme? Crazy.


I think the price isn’t an issue–a single engagement can easily be worth tens of thousands of dollars. ($700 is less than a day’s work for some developers. OK Grow is about $150 per hour last time I heard). It’s more that I think attaching the word “Prime” to some partners implies some measure of their quality (experience and expertise), when it seems that isn’t actually the case at all.


Yes, this is true, when I put that info up a couple months later I had issues with someone on the MDG about my opinion and page on my site. I little bit later I ended up moving on and started to use other frameworks. I was very disappointed regarding mostly what happened around my opinion it felt like I was getting punished for having an opinion I also pretty much stopped my work with Meteor Israel User Group which I help create or the main person behind it, I think it has died out since then not sure I moved on.

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We wanted to become Prime Partners as well, but besides money, you do have to prove you have done work in Meteor in past 6 months and continue to do so. However we decided that it’s better to put that money in developing Meteor as a platform, and packages :slight_smile: rather than pay for prime partnership.


Whoa, it is really a lot of money. I thought it was the award for special achievements in Meteor community. It is sad, that every company can be marked as “Prime” partner for only paying some amount of bucks.

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