Meteor --production mode doesn't execute jQuery code

When I run meteor --production , some of the jQuery code does not execute (it works perfectly without using --production )

The code is the following:

Meteor.startup(function() {
   	$('#allModals div.gameModal').on('', function() {

Basically it selects all bootstrap modals when they are closed and logs the content of each modal.
I’d really appreciate if someone can suggest me an idea to fix it.

I would probably use that modals template onRendered instead of Meteor.startup
if Meteor cant catch these events as any other click etc…

But I’m using the React. Any idea how I would implement it using React?

ComponentDidMount ? or something like that

No luck.
I implemented it using componentDidMount as you suggested, and it still doesn’t work when I use meteor --production. It works perfectly without using --production though…
Any other idea why this is happening?