Meteor project for final (banchelor) exam #anyideas?


Hey guys i though doing Meteor project for my final (banchelor) exam. Any
ideas/thoughts/suggestions of some project that could be worth as final
exam ? Or ideas where i can use meteor ?
That project should be helpful in daily work or just work without limitations.


Build a todo app! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I really like how the Wekan project has progressed. The idea was originally to build a Trello clone using Meteor, but the project has now grown into so much more. Anyone can install and host their own kanban based system, for free. Not only has the system served as a great reference app for the Meteor community, but it’s also an awesome open source project that non-meteorites can use for a very practical purpose. Maybe consider looking at some other popular and collaborative commercial systems, and work on building a smaller scale, open source, Meteor based version. A few quick ideas:

  • A smaller scale and more reactive version of Basecamp
  • A really simple issue tracking system, something like Lighthouse
  • A realtime discussion forum, like Discourse (yes Telescope exists, but do something different)


Yea interesting thoughts. Even todo app could be way complex.

Thanks for your feedback