Meteor Pub/sub does not work when I access the application from a public link (react-router) or when I reload it

I have a public link on my react-router V5.

  <Router history={browserHistory}>
        <Route exact path="/colaborativo/:id" component={Colaborativo}/>


When I access the link through a button, the application works correctly: Retrieves the parameter from the url, subscribes to the collection and retrieves the document. As this is a public link, I need it to be accessible directly from the link, without going through a previous screen or pressing a button. But when I reload the page with the F5 key, or when I try to access from another tab through the link , the application does not work, as the Meteor synchronization does not happen and the props remain undefined. I get the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined

this is the portion of the code that makes the pub/sub:

export default withTracker(
  () => {   
    let { id } = useParams();  


    const handles = [

    const loading = handles.some(handle => !handle.ready());

      var laExp = Experiencias.findOne(id)      

    return {
      isLoading: loading,
      Experiencia: laExp

This is the publication in my publish.js:

Meteor.publish("experienciaOne", function(id) {      
  let rta = Experiencias.find({ _id: id });        
  return rta

Add a check on the erring propd variable until the subscription returns with data and the props has value

Thank you but I was already doing that. I solved it by replacing the state by using the properties. Evidently, the state is executed before the sync.