Meteor publish and subscribe not working on accessing data on aldeed:tabular

Hi guys.

I have some problems with meteor publish and subscribe.

well in my code, as usual I used meteor publish and subscribe, but it seems its not working when Meteor.publish is trying to access the collection that is already in aldeed:tabular. here is my code

on server :

Meteor.publish("direktoratList", function(){
	return mstTblDept.find();

Meteor.publish("piutangData", function(){
	return tblPiutang.find();

Meteor.publish("budgetData", function(){
	return tblBudget.find();

On Client

var dataFind1 = mstTblDept.find().fetch();

var dataFind2 = tblPiutang.find().fetch();

var dataFind3 = tblBudget.find().fetch();

and in my common folder (works in client and server)

tblBudget = new Meteor.Collection("TBLBUDGET");
mstTblDept = new Meteor.Collection("MSTTBLDEPT");
tblPiutang = new Meteor.Collection("TBLPIUTANG");

Well, aldeed:tabular is using tblBudget and tblPiutang collection.
when I tried to look in console, the length of dataFind2, and dataFind3 is zero (0) which is also a collection in aldeed:tabular. but the length of dataFind1 is not zero and it catch the data from the collection.

Am I do this wrong?? really appreciate the help :slight_smile: