Meteor publish down?

Is anyone else having problems publishing packages with meteor publish?

For me it just keeps spinning.

Same here. Nothing’s happening.

According to this post, you should email about infrastructure outages (once it’s clear that the problem is not isolated to you).

That email bounces with a message to go to which doesn’t seem to be the place to report problems like these.

It’s working again.

needmorechars is closely monitored, so it’s a good place to report anything! It’s just better for us to track internally than an email.

Same here. Nothing’s happening too

I get the same thing. I think it is breaking atmosphere rankings too.

I’m stuck trying to publish my uploadcare-plus package that is somehow at #2 of all three lists (trending / latest / most used).

@sashko a ‘report a problem’ form like paid users get for galaxy support would be really nice for meteor infrastructure - website / install / atmosphere / deploy

@natestrauser thanks for the report. We’ll look into this.

The problem is ongoing, though a change we made will hopefully improve the situation noticeably. The real solution will be to move the package server to new/improved infrastructure. This work was already underway, but this situation will increase the urgency. You can follow our progress on the issue at

I agree, @natestrauser. I’ll bring it up with the team.


@rdickert I am experiencing an issue with deployment and my site has been down for the past day. says there are no issues. Is there a way I can report an issue to