Meteor Pull Requests Merging

PRs are really great forms of community contribution. But for now, MDG is having hard time reviewing PRs. That prevents community from further contributions.

There comes my proposal on merging prs. Just my few cents and welcome any suggestion or new proposals. The “all pull requests” below refers to prs submitted by community, not including MDG ones for tests or other internal things.

  • All pull requests must based on devel.
  • All pull requests should be reviewed by MDG members or contributors in a week.
  • Feature prs need a issue with feature label included.
  • Feature prs need tests. They won’t get merged before being tested.
  • All pull requests should have a discussion before being submitted. Discussion should happened on forums, issues or other public platforms. The link/issue no. should be included in the PR.
  • Merging a PR needs one MDG +1/LGTM or 3 contributors’ +1/LGTMs.