Meteor Quietly Crashing


Hi there,

I’ve been developing a small app that performed as expected on my my macbook. When deployed to an Ubuntu digital ocean server (small droplet) I’m having difficulty with the app crashing. There’s very little, or even no traffic. Monitoring with Kadira doesn’t show any resource issues. The crashes seem pretty random.

I’m a bit at a loss for how to troubleshoot. Can anyone tell me how to get more information out of Meteor and Node to diagnose the issue.

My guess is that an npm library via meteorhacks:npm is causing the issue. Any thoughts on now to make sure?

FYI – I did not use MUP – just uploaded the files and ran the meteor command from the shell.

thanks very much.


have tried to log it with mup?

mup logs -f


Typo – should have said “did not use MUP”


You’re running it in dev mode, on a $5 droplet? At least try to build it first before you deploy it, then run it with a process supervisor (e.g. systemd/pm2/forever). Then you’ll be able to keep it alive and view the logs easily.